Community morale improving says CEO of Greater Topeka Partnership

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Matt Pivarnik spoke at the Rotary Club of Topeka on Thursday about the Momentum 2022 plan.

Momentum 2022 is a comprehensive plan to better the community for the next few years.

He said that although they’ve hit some road bumps along the way, he is amazed by the progress so far.

Pivarnik says the recent success in the downtown has created a buzz and excitement for the plan.

The downtown area has seen new businesses like:

  • The Pennant
  • Iron Rail Brewing
  • Cyrus Hotel

Anita Wolgast has lived in Topeka for years and says she is excited to see the city turning for the better.

The most exciting thing is a parking problem downtown, said Wolgast. We just celebrate we have a parking problem.

Pivarnik said that even with the great improvements, they still have a lot of work to do and time is not on their side.

If we say we’ve arrived, and we’re finished, and we start dancing, we’re toast.

Pivarnik says the best way for the people of Topeka help with Momentum 2022 is to be positive and help spread the word that Topeka is improving.

He says when a survey went out 3 years ago, one of the main issues was morale but his recent data says the community is more positive.

If you would like more information about Momentum 2022, CLICK HERE.

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