Congressional candidates differ on illegal immigration


In the 2016 general election Donald Trump made illegal immigration a key issue and next week’s midterm election is no different.

Second District Congressional candidates include Republican Steve Watkins, Libertarian Kelly Standley, and Democrat Paul Davis. Each agree that illegal immigration is a problem but their ways to fix it differ.

“We clearly have too many people coming across the border, and I’m not convinced that a very expensive wall is the solution to that. I think that there are places on the border that we do need walling, there are other places that we can better secure the border through other ways,” said Davis.

Steve Watkins sides with President Trump’s immigration policies. 

“When talking about immigration, there’s a few basics, first is to build the wall, but also to end chain migration and the visa lottery.”

Watkins said he does understand that legal immigration is necessary to the Kansas economy. 

“One aspect of immigration policy here in Kansas needs to take into account the fact that our farmers need workers in order to operate,” said Watkins.

Kelly Standley said a major problem in Kansas is when people overstay their visas.

“They notice that we have the ability to give them food stamps and we have the ability to give them cash assistance if they need it, and we have to worry about that on our state financial drain,” Standley said.

Each candidate said that if elected, they will also have to address DACA and the Dreamers that are in the country now, and said they look forward to those debates.

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