Critter Care gives discounts on spaying and neutering


If you have a pet, a Topeka organization is offering you a way to save money on getting them spayed or neutered. 

Brad and Jammie Garrison got their dog Jinx fixed with the help of Critter Care in Topeka. Brad said he gets his pets fixed because he doesn’t like to see animal overpopulation. 

“I mean anyone that’s ever been in a pound, anyone that’s ever seen the death row dogs, if that doesn’t tear at your heart strings then you’re kind of heartless I think,” Garrrison said. 

The president of Critter Care, Jean Barton, said they want to keep animals from breeding puppies and kittens that won’t have homes. 

“We want to reduce the number of animals that go to the humane shelter,” she said.

Critter Care works with veterinarians to offer people a discounted price on the operations. Female dogs cost $90, male dogs cost $65, female cats cost $45 and male cats cost $25.

Shawnee Animal Hospital veterinarian Shirley Fouse said getting your pet fixed not only helps combat pet overpopulation, but it also keeps your pet healthy.

“You can prevent fatal uterine infections, mammary cancer later in life,” she said. “For the males you can prevent prostate cancer, testicular cancer, hernias.” 

Garrison said he hopes more people get their pets fixed, so fewer animals have to go without a home. 

“All those animals that want families, that want attention and love, they’re supposed to be part of your family,” he said. “They’re not supposed to be discarded.” 

Critter Care’s helped pet owners get more than 6,000 dogs and cats fixed through its discount. To ask for a discount from Critter Care on spaying and neutering, you can call them at (785) 478-9985.

They also welcome donations if you would like to help them provide discounts to pet owners. 

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