TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  A Tecumseh woman, known online as “The CRV Lady,” had an incident with Topeka Police and a Kwik Shop employee Saturday night. Patricia McDonald’s license was revoked on Friday, but that hasn’t stopped her from driving, according to people on social media. McDonald was spotted getting in to an argument with a Kwik Shop employee at the station near 21st Street and Belle Avenue before Topeka Police arrived.

Video of the incident was posted to the Topeka Real Time News YouTube page.

“She was getting into a fight with the Kwik Shop worker about it. He came out and talked to her about it and she just kept vigorously screaming at him,” said Jordan Perry, a Topeka man who witnessed the incident.

According to Perry, McDonald attempted to purchase her fuel with a check, but was unable to produce identification to verify her identity. Eventually, Topeka Police showed up and confronted McDonald, who reportedly yelled at the officer and drove away.

“She made a big u-turn in the turning lane around another car into oncoming traffic, driving very recklessly. It made my heart drop. I was afraid someone was going to get hit,” said Perry.

McDonald is due back in court on May 24 for a motion hearing to revoke a previous diversion. She’s then expected to appear again on June 1 for three different cases, including reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.