MANHATTAN, Kan (KSNT) – It is no secret the way kids are learning is changing due to COVID-19, but at the Manhattan Catholic School, students are getting outside, getting a little dirty, and learning about fossils that can be found right here in Kansas.

“We just believe right now being outside and getting in the dirt, just being kids and having fun and exploring is like probably the most important thing for them right now,” said Manhattan Catholic School teacher Patsy Johnson.

This week, classes have been able to dig up fossils in the schools “victory garden”, which is typically used to grow produce that is then donated to a local food bank. The students then match the fossils on a page and with a fossil collection that the school has in their gymnasium.

“Everything coincides with an artifact collection of fossils we have in the gym,” Johnson added.

That collection also contains a 3D printed fossil that the school made, something that they hope to do more of in the future. The lesson aligns with fossils that can be found in Kansas, and prehistoric times on earth.

“As much as we can be outside, be safe, catch the fresh air we’re going to do it,” Johnson said.

The school also launched a “solar balloon” on Thursday, where the entire student body watched. Hands on learning, safely, during a global pandemic has made its way to Manhattan, Kansas.