You’ve seen the meme everywhere! 

Now the infamous couple featured in the “distracted boyfriend” meme is popping up across billboards in Hungary promoting its new pro-family benefits program. 

If you aren’t familiar with the meme, the photos were taken by Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem and depict the “distracted boyfriend” checking out another lady while apparently unaware of his girlfriend’s shock and dismay. 

Here’s one such meme: 

In the new Hungarian billboards, the same couple looks much happier this time around, depicted hugging and the woman gazing happily into her smiling boyfriend’s eyes. 

“The Happy couple gracing the Hungarian government’s campaign advertising its new family policy is already famous on the internet…and not for being madly in love,” Varlie Hopkins tweeted.

The “pro-family” benefits program is a push by the Hungarian to increase its dwindling population, according to The Hill.

Under the proposals, Hungarian women with four or more children will reportedly be offered a lifetime tax exemption.