TOPEKA (KSNT) – Investigators have confirmed that a one-month-old girl was killed in an accident on Highway 24 East of Topeka Monday afternoon.

Now law enforcement officers who first responded to the accident think they have a better idea of what may have caused it: distracted driving.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Herrig is no stranger to fatal accidents, but when the death of a child is involved, he says it hits particularly close to home.

“It’s tough, it’s traumatic on everybody involved,” said Herrig.

One month old Kaysein Harris was killed in the collision, and now comments on a ‘Go Fund Me’ site that’s been set-up for the family, shows many who know mother Bree Emery and her daughter Kaysein are equally shocked and saddened by the news.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol’s accident report, Emery was heading west on Highway 24 when for some unknown reason her car went in to the gravel and she overcorrected into oncoming traffic.

The Sheriff says signs leading up to the accident point to one conclusion.

“This looked like to be an inattentive type situation,” said Herrig.

Although he doesn’t know that for a fact yet, indicators like a Facebook post just before the time of the accident suggest Emery may have been using her phone.

“I’m sure we’ve all done it, but it’s against the law and we’re seeing a lot of people get hurt because of this,” said Herrig.

It’s something the Sheriff would like to see everyone take more seriously to avoid tragedies like this.

At this time the Kansas Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident to determine an exact cause.