Dodge City teenager starts successful dog biscuit business to help build homes in Nicaragua


Four simple ingredients.

“Peanut butter, water, oats and flower,”

Lauren Seachris said she’s always had a passion for baking; but now, that passion is turning into a business plan to help others.

“So I’m 13-years-old, and I have a dog biscuit business,” Seachris said.

It’s called Lauren’s Treat’s, and every week for the past three years, she’s made hundreds of dog biscuits right out of her family’s kitchen.

“If we’re going to make biscuits, we’re going to make them all day,” Seachris’ mom Amy said.

This young entrepreneur has traveled all over Kansas to sell her biscuits.

“For 2018, I did 28 vendors,” Seachris said. “I sell my products in Great Bend, Dodge City, Garden City, Wilson, Hutchinson and lot of places.”

Since she started the business three years ago, she’s made over $36,000 selling biscuits and homemade pet accessories..

But she says she’s not keeping one cent of it.

“So I was at a conference and this lady had a goal to build a thousand homes for the poor in Nicaragua.” Seachris said. “She was looking for people to help her, so I wanted to do  it.”

With the $36,000 she made from her business, Seachris has built seven homes and looking to build more.

“So each home is $5,200,” she said. “And it’s really cool because it has two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, potable water with a kitchen and comes with a chicken coop.”

A big goal for this young entrepreneur…

“It made me sad,” she said. “I was like these people don’t have anything,” she said. “I wanted to bring them all home.”

…But one that starts with four simple ingredients.

“I just hope I can inspire more people to become entrepreneurs and build homes,” she said. “It’s awesome to help others.”

If you’re interested in helping Seachris build more homes, you can check out her website or Facebook page.

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