Dogs missing in Arkansas tornado reunited with family


Neighbors spent hours after Saturday morning’s storm searching for an injured couple’s missing pets. 

This happened where a tornado hit Saturday morning destroying homes on Scruggs Road. 

We learned a woman who was checking on her parent’s who live down the street found the 2 missing dogs after refusing to give up searching as hope faded as hours passed. 

We found out the search lasted around 6 hours. 

People who told us they didn’t know the couple or even their names joined in on the search as the couple was taken to the hospital. 

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Scruggs Road neighbors take care of an injured couple’s dogs. The pups were missing in the debris yesterday for hours. Strangers searched for them- desperately trying to help.


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Tracie Ciesielski babysat her neighbors’ 2 dogs on Sunday. 

That’s because the tornado his the home the dogs Pulaski Co. mobile home and sent the pups’ owners to the hospital. 

She said she called the hospital and asked them to tell the tornado victim from Scott the her dogs were found alive and uninjured. She told us she’s not confirmed if the owners have gotten the word as of Sunday afternoon. 

People told us the couple went to get treated for their injuries without knowing if their pets survived. 

“You just try to do your best to pull it together. Instead of a community you make it your family,” Ciesielski said. 

Neighbors and strangers sorted through the debris on Saturday for hours upon hours searching for the injured couple’s missing dogs. 

“You’ve got to pull together and go until you cant go no more [sic],” she said. 

We found out it was a woman who lives near Sherwood who found the chihuahuas. 

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“We kind of come together like a family.”

Remember the pups that neighbors were searching for at the site of yesterday’s tornado in Pulaski Co? We learned they were found but have not been reunited with their owners who were injured.


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Trisha Payton said, “I said ‘I’m not leaving.’  I prayed. God gave me a sign. We found one. He told me not to leave. We’re going to find both of them.”

While we interviewed Trisha Payton’s parents who live down the road she learned about the strangers missing pets. 

“You know these people are coming from having their home blown away to nothing,” she said. 

The dog mom herself refused to stop searching despite hope fading around her. 

We learned from her that’s partly because she adopted a dog who survived the deadly Mayflower tornado years ago. 

Payton said, “Somehow my niece who’s the size of my 9-year-old and I lifted that wall.”

She said prayer helped lead her to one dog under a wall then the other appeared in the field. 

Ciesielski said, “This is Stormi and this one I just call Little Man because I don’t remember his name.”

A storm can break homes apart but Stormi and her sidekick’s story show what it can’t break. 

We learned that 2 cats are still missing from the same mobile home. 

Payton told us she would like to meet the dogs’ owners one day. 

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