Donkeys take over local gym


Fans normally go to the Santa Fe Trail gym to watch high school basketball games, but the only baskets that were scored Wednesday came from players that were on their four legged friends.

The event supported scholarships for students in the school’s National Honor Society.

“A little bit of chaos, a lot of who knows what’s going to happen next,” said Marci Alstatt, the National Honor Society adviser for the school as she described the event.

Community members, students, and even teachers tried their hand at donkey ball.

“You’d have to ask the crowd what we were doing because I was just trying to survive,” said band director Lance Quilling.

“I tried to get on a donkey, and it was exhausting. I’m sweating really bad underneath this mask,” said film and drama teacher Derek Terry.

Some might say the games were a defensive battle, but in reality shooting a basketball on top of a farm animal isn’t as easy as some people thought.

“You have no idea what you’re getting into, you think you’re going to go, and then the donkeys are the ones running this show,” said Quilling. “I just hope we have a good insurance policy here.”

Fans also added money to jars of the administrator of their choice, and the winner, or loser depending on how you look at it, had to kiss a donkey.

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