Eating healthy may be a bit more challenging in 2019


Eating healthy in 2019 may be a little bit more difficult thanks to increased food prices.
According to the U.S Department of Agriculture’s food price outlook for 2019, shoppers are projected to see a one to two percent increase on food prices overall. 

Products that may be on the rise include dairy, beef, poultry and fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Being healthier is going to be more difficult if prices of fruits and vegetables goes up, along with like beef or milk.” said shopper Shelby Coburn. “I mean, those are kind of the necessities.”

However, not all prices are expected to go up in cost.

Products like canned fruits ans vegetables and non-alcoholic drinks are expected to decrease.

The report also mentioned that food prices are expected to increase because the costs associated with food production and transport are expected to increase as well.

To see a full list of which items are projected to increase and which ones are projected to decrease, you can check out the USDA’s food price outlook report for 2019 HERE.

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