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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Second-graders from throughout the Seaman School district explored a walkthrough display of the human body at Elmont Elementary.

The display, called Body Venture, helps kids learn about different parts of the human body with a focus on teaching kids about healthy eating and exercise.

“The kids get to interact with the exhibit and it’s a different way for them to learn about how food affects their bodies and how they’re going to make good decisions,” said Body Venture Coordinator Meg Boggs.

The Body Venture concept was developed about 18 years ago as part of the Child Nutrition and Wellness program at the Kansas Department of Education, according to Boggs.

The display travels to elementary schools all across Kansas and visits roughly 90 each year.

“There are no other states that have this exhibit,” said Boggs.

At Elmont, roughly 40 volunteers helped set-up the display and presented topics at each station.

“Instead of reading in a book about the different functions of the body and about the safe choices, they’re learning while they’re going through [Body Venture],” said Elmont Elementary Principal Joel Wells. “The interactive nature really makes it much more special and that hopefully makes the learning stick for years to come. “

Schools are asked to pay $1.50 per student, up to $500, to bring the display to their school to help offset the travel. Wells said the event at Elmont was covered by a grant.

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