Local students learn problem solving skills through robotics

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SILVER LAKE, Kan. (KSNT) – Sixth graders at Silver Lake Grade School are getting an introduction to the world of robotics.

Their teacher Mrs. Smith challenged them with putting together a robot – one piece at a time.

“We installed arms so they can move up and down and we clap with them. We can raise them up,” said 6th grader Myles Fisher, who had never worked with robots before.

Once it was finally put together, the robot got a little personality. The students created a “dance” for it that they planned to show their classmates, all done using a wireless remote control.

“We made this dance it’s called the wobble where you go up and down like this and we shake back and forth,” Fisher said.

His fellow classmate Chloe Franklin gave gave her robot some extra flare.

“Even made a little dance move where you spin around and then you stop and then spin it the other way,” Franklin said.

Franklin and her partner built a separate robot and she had an idea to incorporate her passion for songwriting into their performance.

“I was like wait, I write songs on my computer,” said Franklin. “How about we put it with one of those.”

Besides just being a fun project for students, Mrs. Smith said it really forced them to tap into their problem solving skills, learning to resolve issues through trial and error.

“There was a problem with the axel so when we put on the wheels then it would just go around in circles the entire time,” Franklin said. “So then we had to choose a completely different axel.”

A set of skills they’ll be able to use in and out of the classroom for years to come.

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