Seaman students learn valuable lessons through school chicken coop

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Some students at Seaman High School are learning valuable lessons in a non-traditional way, by taking care of chickens.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Seaman football field sits a chicken coop.

The Chick Inn isn’t a fancy hotel for birds, but a hands-on way to teach students about agriculture.

“I get all the way from kids who have never seen a chicken in real life, to kids who life on actual cattle farms,” Megan VanGordon, an Agriculture Instructor at Seaman High School, said. “I get a huge variety of them.”

Regardless of their experience level, students pitch in to make sure the chickens have food, water, and clean bedding. They also take care of them after the bell rings at the end of the school day.

“They’re actually responsible for checking on them over the weekend and over school breaks as well,” VanGordon said.

The unofficial Poultry President is junior Hanna Addington, who makes sure someone is always checking on the chickens.

“I keep track of how healthy the chickens are and make sure that we’re getting eggs properly and make sure that everyone is getting taken care of,” Addington said.

She’s even taken their care a step further as they have named some of the birds.

“Our first flock, we had a female chicken that was kind of like the queen, which she’s sitting right here… so her name’s Big Momma,” Addington explained.

Thanks to Big Momma and the others, the students are learning the valuable skill of responsibility before they fly the coop themselves.

The chicken coop was built last year with money from a grant.

Currently, the eggs from the coop are being used for baking classes at the school. VanGordon said eventually they want to sell some of the eggs to keep the coop running.

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