Topeka school sets up room to help students in need

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At Hope Street Academy in Topeka, room 101 doesn’t have desks or chairs, instead the room is filled with racks of clothes and coats. Shelves in the room are filled with canned food and even deodorant. 

It’s called the Student Resource Room. 

“We were trying to find a snappy little thing to call it and that never happened so we just figured it makes more sense to call it that,” said Amy Whittaker, a school social work who oversees the room.  

The room is there to help students who are in need. 

Initially, it was just supposed to help students going to job interviews with professional attire, but there was such a need that it was stocked with more than suits and skirts, according to Whittaker. 

“We have some students who use this room daily for food,” said Whittaker. 

Other students at the school help to organizer the resource room and keep it stocked. 

Student Currin Oliver helps keeps an eye on the food stock. He’s learned what students like and don’t like and let’s staff know when supplies are running low.

Oliver said the room is especially important for busy students and students who don’t have transportation. He said the room makes it easy for his classmates to get help. 

“Come to school and we’ll get you taken care of,” said Oliver. 

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