Topeka student shares transition back to remote learning

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – From remote learning to hybrid, to in-person — and now back to remote again, learning in 2020 for students like Bianca Juarez has been challenging.

Bianca is a 5th grader at Meadows Elementary in Topeka. She’s the student council president and absolutely loves school, especially when it’s in person with her friends.

“We didn’t have to stay muted, we didn’t have to stay home,” Juarez said.

But now after a little over three months into the school year, the schools in USD 501’s district are back to learning remotely.

Bianca’s teacher, Ashley Garcia, and principal, Nicole Johnson, said because they got a heads up from the district that remote learning might start again, be on the horizon, they were better able to prepare their students.

“Now I know who I need to check in with more because I know they’re going to struggle with maybe staying on task a little bit, or I’ve provided a checklist of things so that they could go through and as they go through assignments this week, they’re checking them off,” Garcia said.

“We practiced using the zoom meetings while they were in person, we worked with them on the seesaw and the different learning platforms we were using, we practiced that at school,” Johnson said.

Juarez said she’s still finding the perfect area for working at home, but makes sure to always fit in a dance break with her dad and sister between the daily zoom meetings.

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