Topeka students learn about entrepreneurship, business

Education 21st Century

Fifth-grade students at Topeka’s Quincy Elementary got a lesson in the marketplace and entrepreneurship. 

The school cafeteria was transformed into a production line. Students worked to assemble products from bags of candy to different kinds of ‘slime’ to sell to their classmates. 

Before they were able to start making their messy products, they first had to prove to their teachers that their products were viable. 

Teacher Jennifer Jackson said students had to answer questions about their customer base, where they would sell their product and other questions about cost and price. 

After they made their case, the school lent money to the students to buy the supplies they needed. 

The students repay the loan from their profits and whatever is left, the students get to keep. 

Jackson said it teaches students about failure, handling money, and understanding the market place. 

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