Election Guide: Steve Watkins (R-Kansas 2nd District)


Website: https://steveforkansas.com
Biographical Information: age, where from, etc.
Age: 42
Hometown: Topeka, KS
Education: Harvard, MIT, West Point, Topeka Public Schools K-12
Family: Married, No children

Position on the Economy and Taxes:
Families and workers throughout the 2nd District are already benefiting from the Tax Cuts and
Jobs Act signed into law last year. One of the things I hope to be part of in Congress is making
the middle class provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Permanent. Families are keeping more
of their hard-earned paychecks and local business owners are back to focusing on what they do
best – creating jobs, paying higher wages, expanding their business, and growing our economy.

Position on Immigration:
We are a nation of law and order, and I will ensure federal law is enforced throughout the
country by stopping sanctuary cities at all costs. I will fight for strong borders that will help keep
our nation secure and drugs and violence out of our communities. I 100% support building the
wall. As an Army engineer I often used walls as a method of safeguarding and defense. The very
notion that a wall is controversial is itself absurd. Without borders, we have no country — we
must dedicate all resources necessary to securing our border and protecting the American people
from the influx of violence and drugs into our schools and communities. I will stand with I.C.E.
and work with my colleagues to pass legislation that keeps criminal illegal immigrants out of our

Position on National Security:
Threats to our nation are very real, and in an ever evolving world it is vital that you are
represented in Congress by someone who understands the ever evolving battlespace. Unlike
other candidates in this race, I don’t need to be brought up to speed on the threats to our national
security – I have been working in warzones for much of my adult life.
While at West Point and while on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan I saw first hand the
sophisticated nature of our enemies. We are facing new and developing threats every day, from
nuclear proliferation to cyber attacks.

Congress needs leaders who are experienced in making deals and using America’s armed forces
to bring peace, through military strength, to unstable regions of the world. I am encouraged to
see that President Trump called on fellow West Pointer and Kansan Mike Pompeo as his Sec. of
State to lead negotiations with North Korea – a space I am eager to be involved with.
We need someone in Washington, who will stand by the Presidents side and help restore our
place as the hegemonic superpower of the world. Unlike Paul Davis, I have significant
experience in, and knowledge of the battlespace and techniques to both take on and defeat our
enemies and help abolish radical islamic terror.

Position on Health Care:
My father and wife are physicians, so I’ve seen firsthand the integral role healthcare plays in our
society and have that unique perspective. Nationalized healthcare doesn’t work. Obamacare
should be repealed and replaced with something better. Some elements that I would like to see
preserved in a new healthcare plan would include continued protections for those with
pre-existing conditions and the ability of students to stay on their parent’s insurance until the age
of 26.

Solutions to our healthcare problems lie in capitalism — empowering doctors and patients, and
allowing for transparency, competition, and fewer burdensome regulations. This would drive
down costs, increases innovation, and quality. We need to restore the physician – patient
relationship in our healthcare system. In Washington, I will fight for a patient – centered
healthcare system, not one that benefits insurance companies and drug manufacturers.

Position on Agriculture:
Farmers and ranchers already struggle to put food on tables. It’s government’s job to make their
job producing and finding customers easier, not harder. A free trade economy is one that stands
to benefit Kansans far greater than any regulated method that will only burden our small and
rural communities. In Congress I will work to pass a farm bill that protects crop insurance and
ensures the federal government provide adequate safeguards for our agriculture community.

Tariffs cause short-term pain for international bad-actors, like China, but our tariffs are
ultimately taxes on American consumers and invite tit-for-tat retaliation against American
agriculture in important markets. While the short term market facilitation patch bandages that
pain here at home, American producers really want customers, not handouts. We need a long
term solution with China through tariff de-escalation as well as with our trading allies in order
to compete globally.

The President’s new NAFTA deal helps farmers with increased market access to Canada,
while retaining the important Mexican market, and Congress must be ready to build on this
good momentum. With welcomed news on updated trade deals with South Korea and now
Mexico and Canada, I believe the U.S. must go even further to open new markets, such as the
E.U., Japan, and the wider Asia-Pacific region, for Kansas producers bracing under the current
farm economy.

Highest Priority Issue in Office:
(Our top three are immigration, healthcare, and social security. This answer is about social
security as the other two are already answered.)
I’ve already touched on making healthcare more affordable and reforming our immigration
system, so I will just mention my third priority issue, with is preserving Social Security and
Medicare. Seniors in Kansas and across the nation have spent their entire lives contributing to
Medicare and Social Security. It’s critical that the federal government does whatever is necessary
to keep these programs intact and we give those at or near retirement their full benefits as
promised. However, we also need to ensure their long-term viability for future generations. I
will work with my colleagues to protect these programs and fight for market-driven healthcare
solutions for all Kansans.

Position on change in Washington?
I want to make government more effective, more efficient, and more accountable.
One of the main reasons I am running for Congress is because I am tired of watching career
politicians in Washington put their own personal agendas before the agenda their constituents
support. Taxpayers, voters, and constituents possess the power, not elected officials, unelected
federal bureaucrats, or lobbyists. We need to stop rewarding elected officials who fail to listen to
the voices of their constituents, but instead fight for themselves or special interests. This type of
governance has plagued Washington for too long, and it’s accomplishing nothing for the families
in Kansas who need results the most.

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