Emporia State’s Jackson leads the offense for the Hornets


Emporia State basketball is coming off a big win as they head to the MIAA tournament and they’ve relied on senior Julius Jackson to get them buckets whenever they need it. 

There aren’t many schools that have their leading scorer coming off the bench, but that’s what’s worked for emporia state and jackson is embracing it.

“I put a lot of time and work into this game so during stretches of the game i try and pick it up a little more and give the team what is needed,” Jackson said. 

He’s scores in a variety of ways and doesn’t need a ton of shots to do it, and head coach Craig Doty recognizes that.

“He’s a very gifted scorer, and when you have someone as gifted as him and efficient, when you look at his percentages, they’re very high, in the high 40s from the field, and the mid 40s from beyond the arc. It allows us to score in bunches and in many different ways and gets to the line very very often,” Doty said.

He’s played at four schools in four years of college, but his roots in texas really solidified his style of play

“Well texas is definitely a different aspect of basketball, it’s definitely athletes, texas is a football state, when you get those football players to play basketball there’s a lot of athletes you come across and it’s definitely helped me . I’m faster and more athletic than i thought I was.”

on top of all that, he’s the team’s barber as well

“He runs Ju-Cuts, i have yet to be a client of his,” Doty joked.

“I was trying to tell these guys when I got here I could cut,” Jackson smiled. 

All fades aside, emporia starts the miaa tournament wednesday, and with a sharp shooter like jackson on the squad, you never know what could happen.

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