Empty field in Derby to turn into prehistoric scene


The anticipation is roaring just outside of Wichita as crews piece together a dinosaur park in Derby.

On Friday, dozens of the dinos made their way to Kansas.

In just a matter of weeks, a once empty field will be transformed into a scene taking people back 90 million years.

The life-size creatures will now take up permanent residency at the city’s first ever dino park and turning heads.

Come opening day, they’ll be doing even more than that.

“We are going to have over 40 life-size, animatronic, living, breathing, roaring dinosaurs,” said Guy Gsell, Field Station Dinosaurs executive producer.

So how life-like are they?

Artists and Paleontologists worked together creating and perfecting these dinos for eight months.

“Every single one of them is hand-carved. These are not molded and poured,” Gsell said. “Because we are a permanent attraction, these dinosaurs can be as big as they really were.”

The area they’ll roam, that’s in the making too. And you better bet, it’s just as realistic. 

“We are building a mountain. We are digging a pond, we are putting in a quarry and we are planting a forest,” said Gsell.

Opening day is scheduled for May 26.

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