Dylan McDermott reveals details about villainous role on ‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’


(NBC) – It was a return and a reunion last week, Christopher Meloni coming back to his role as Elliot Stabler on “SVU” and launching his new series, “Law and Order: Organized Crime.”

That drama continues tonight with the man who plays Stabler’s target and also the character who brought Dylan McDermott on board for “Law and Order: Organized Crime.”

“You just don’t know with this guy,” said McDermott. “There’s always an angle and he’s always manipulating and that’s really fun to play.”

McDermott’s character is the sophisticated head of an international digital drug cartel, one tied to the car bomb that killed Elliot Stabler’s wife.

“They actually kind of believe they’re doing the right thing in a psychopathic way,” said McDermott.

Even when it involves Wheatley’s own father, who didn’t survive last week’s premiere.

“He believes that he’s smarter than everybody else,” explained McDermott. “His intelligence reigns over everyone.”

That combination puts Stabler and the task force he’s joined on Wheatley’s trail.

“The untouchable, the Teflon,” said Meloni. “That is almost like a red flag to the bull for Stabler.”

Which leads to the inevitable fireworks between these two TV veterans.

“We’ve only had a couple of scenes together and they were great,” revealed McDermott.

But more are in the works for this debut season.

“Law and Order: Organized Crime” airs at 10 p.m., preceded by “Law and Order: SVU” at 9 p.m.

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