BALDWIN (KSNT) – An old tradition is back in a big way for Baldwin. The Midland Railroad will be running the train for the first time this weekend where they will be previewing their holiday train experience, The Snowglobe Express.

Under new ownership, the Midland Railroad will bring back the Maple Leaf Train for the Mapleleaf Festival this weekend, Oct. 15 and 16.

The new ownership is reincarnating an old tradition with the introduction of the Snowglobe Express. The fully illuminated night train will take passengers to the Snowglobe Christmas Village where you will be able to sip cocktails and hot cocoa amongst Santa’s Reindeer Herd!

According to Snowglobe’s social media page, children will be able to personally deliver their letter to Santa’s Elves during the Train Ride in an authentic 1940 North Pole US Postal Railroad Car. The Snowglobe Christmas Village is promising an over-the-top Christmas Experience.

“We are very excited to start this new experience,” new owner Mary Shaver said.

Shaver said there was a considerable amount of work that had to be done in preparation for the Christmas experience. Shave said they had to paint cars, get equipment up and ready, and put up thousands and thousands of holiday lights.

Midland Railroad is also looking for seasonal employees to help with various positions during the Snowglobe Express. Contact Sheryl Krzanowsky at 785-423-0770 to apply.

The train will run at the Mapleleaf Festival at 10 a.m., Noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. Reindeer will be on display.

There are still tickets available for both the Maple Leaf Train and Snowglobe Express, but they are selling out fast. Tickets can be found at the Snowglobe Express website for both events.