Fake opioid drugs sold in SW Kansas


Fake opioid drugs are being sold in southwest Kansas.

Officials warn that the version on the street right now is very dangerous.

“Being a little laced with fentanyl will kill you,” Executive Director, Callie Dyer, of Livewell in Finney County said.

Garden City police said the pills are testing positive for fentanyl, a much more potent drug than oxycodone.

Those who don’t know what they’re taking can easily overdose.

“These pills are being pressed and manufactured, kinda like on the black market, and some of the pills we have are testing positive for fentanyl,” Seregant Lana Urteaga of Garden City Police said.

Right now, Garden City police are seeing a 30 percent increase in drugs mixed with fentanyl and heroin, compared to last year.

“We are definitely seeing an increase, so it’s an epidemic for our community,” said Dyer.

The police department have posted photos online of what the real and fake pills look like and said to look for the difference in the number “3” and the letter “M” on the pill.

Advocates hope that they can prevent overdose deaths by warning them about the dangers.

“Our hope is that, through education, we can get people the awareness that they need,” said Dyer.

Officers are urging people with any information about the fake pills to reach out to the Garden City Police Department.

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