It’s been four days since crews battled flames at a home in Ogden where four people were killed from inhaling toxic fire gases.

The fire broke out just after 4 a.m. Thursday morning. The building is just about five minutes away from the Manhattan Airport. 

Angie Reffner holds the intersection where the house is located in a special place. That’s because almost 25 years ago she met one of the victims of the fire, Roger Harris Junior, and they were friends ever since. 

She and her family returned to the same spot to share and remember their favorite memories of Roger on Sunday. 

“I don’t really know how I feel yet,” said Reffner. “It’s all very fresh and very not real.” 

The memorial started at Heritage Park in Junction City before moving to Roger Harris Jr.’s house. 

Angie Reffner and her kids were friends with Roger Harris Jr., but they considered him to be more like family. 

“He was like an uncle to me, he was my best friend, we did everything together,” said Jennafer Reffner. 

They came back to a see a house they grew up going to, completely ruined. 

Harris was even one of the girl’s maid of honor. 

“Roger was my maid of honor because my family couldn’t be there, we joked and called him my maid of horror,” said Melissa Humbard. 

They released balloons in memory of Harris and then the kids climbed into his truck to take in what is left of Roger. 

“Roger always drove around with all of us and listened to whatever we wanted. Glamorous by Fergie was his favorite song,” said Jennafer Reffner. 

That was when they found glasses that Reffner gave Harris years ago. It’s something that they’ll be able to remember him by forever.