TOPEKA (KSNT) – Family, fitness and fun. It was a day of promoting good health and wellness across the Topeka 501 school district.

Tuesday, the district hosted its 12th annual “Family Fitness Fun Night” at Hummer Sports Park.
Students participated in multiple physical activities, games and even learned valuable information from various booths.

“It’s so important to promote just good health and wellness,” Topeka Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Tiffany Anderson said. “And we’re so excited because not only do we have physical health, but we have social emotional health, suicide prevention awareness, we have the ALS table.”

And what makes this annual event so special, is it’s not just one school participating, but all 30 schools in Topeka 501.

“I love that everyone from across the district is here, they’re involved, everyone brings a little piece of their school, so this is one of the only events that I’ve seen that everyone from the entire district is here together and everyone’s invited,” Building Admin Intern, Kaylee Soderlund said.

And with everyone invited, it gives students a chance to reminisce.

“I ran to see my brother and I said hi to my old teachers,” Student, Alannah Wahnee said.

But unlike previous Family Fitness Fun Nights, this one had a little bit more meaning for Jardine Elementary School staff member, Dr. Bridget Stegman, who was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year.

“Over the course of last year, we held various walks, are very first ALS walk,” Anderson said. “So today here at Fitness Fun Night, we have our ALS walk, she actually came back this year, she’s working every day.

Unfortunately, Dr. Stegman Wasn’t able to do an interview due to her health condition, but you could tell from her smile and the look in her eye, she was happy to be there.