Family makes emotional plea for return of stolen car, that means more than just 4 wheels


“I’m just alone,” said Addie Tillman as she talks about her dad who was killed this year. 

David Tillman got out of his car in January to check on his tire on K-4 highway about a mile north of the highway 24 interchange when a pickup truck hit him.

Addie’s mom, Misty Burgen, had to figure out how to tell her kids about their dad passing away in the hospital two weeks later.

“How was I going to tell his kids that their dad wasn’t going to be able to come home, their dad was their hero,” Burgen said.

And after doing that, something else was taken from them again, something else that cannot be replaced.

“Someone broke into our storage this last weekend and stole the kids’ car that their dad left to them.”

But the car is about more than just a dollar value. David Tillman built it from the ground up with his dad years ago, who died in 2001.

“He hoped to finish it with his son, obviously he can’t do that,” Burgen said. “That’s what we really wanted to do to honor his memory was to finish that car.”

“I was going to do it for him, but now that it’s gone I can’t,” David’s son Austin said.

The four children say the car was the one thing that made it feel like their dad wasn’t so far away.

“Wedding days, graduations, and Addie goes to kindergarten round up and he won’t be there for that,” Misty said.

Their family is desperate to get a piece of their dad back…

“No questions asked, just return it,” she said. “Tell me where it’s at and I’ll come and get it, it just means so much more than any amount of money can buy.”

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