Fans are stocking up on Chiefs gear ahead of Sunday’s game

kansas sampler chiefs gear_1547515642985.jpg.jpg

Chiefs gear is selling fast at a local sportswear store. A sales associate at the Kansas Sampler in Topeka said things usually slow down after Christmas, but the Chiefs are keeping them busy.

The store has been selling lots of winter clothes for the cold weather. Some of the most popular items are car flags, beads and beanies. 

One shopper is buying gear for his daughter in Arizona, so she can cheer the Chiefs on in the AFC Championship. 

“She’s got a shirt, she’s got earrings, she’s got decals for the car, she’s got a little dog something or other, and I think we’ve go her covered,” Ron Revelle said.

A store salesperson said they’re getting a new shipment of Chiefs gear to make sure they have plenty in stock.

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