Finding bobcats all around Northeast Kansas


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– It was a normal day for Ray and Betty, until they looked out their window and saw something not so normal.

“We started seeing an animal come down the little path here and initially we thought it was a stray dog or a coyote which we see occasionally but as it got closer we realized it was a large bob cat,” Ray Hauke said.

Large is right. The average size of a bobcat, is around 20 to 30 pounds. The one in their backyard appears to be almost twice that size.

While a city isn’t the natural habitat of a bobcat, there is a reason they’ll make their way in.

“He’s probably been in the setting of the city like that and been taking advantage of the easy meals, cat food, dog food, garbage,” Lt. Brad Hageman of Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks said.

Lt. Hageman said bird feeders can also attract the cats.

But while they are scared of people, he said they aren’t scared of your pets.

“A bobcat would take an opportunity to attack a pet, or your dog, cat, what have you,” Lt. Hageman said. “Keep a close eye on your pets.”

“We’re concerned for the neighborhood dogs,” Hauke said.

And this isn’t the first large bobcat to be seen in northeast Kansas.

One was seen in southeast Shawnee County, one was recently found in Hoyt, and another was seen north off of K4.

“We’ll sure be looking for them,” Hauke said. “Where there’s one there might be others.”

The Kansas Department of Wildlife also says to make sure your trash ends up in the trash can and don’t just leave it out so the bob cats can find an easy meal.

Lt. Hageman also says to keep a close eye on your pets and to of course, not approach the bobcat if you see one.

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