First responders run through active shooter drill at Capitol Federal


Shawnee County first responders are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

They ran through a fake scenario involving an active shooter Tuesday night. It all played out at the Capitol Federal building in downtown Topeka. 

Police, paramedics, firefighters and other emergency workers had to figure out what to do. Topeka Fire Marshal Michael Martin said it’s a way to make sure their plans work.

“We need to look at the plans we have in place,” he said. “We need to see if we’re able to execute them as we need, and then we need the opportunity to evaluate it.”

First responders searched for the shooter and helped victims who were played by Capitol Federal employees.

Tom Hagen with Capitol Federal said the building had all the things the drill needed.

“It has multiple floors, was in a busy area, and so that’s why Capitol Federal was a good fit for this exercise,” he said. 

Hagen said they wanted their employees to learn from the drill along with the emergency workers. 

“We wanted to give the opportunity to not only first responders, but to the volunteers to understand what it would be like in that scenario.” 

Although it was all fake, the lessons everyone can learn from it are real.

“It’s really about giving the opportunity to take that book learning and fine tune it in an actual real world event,” Michael Martin said.

The training temporarily closed down 7th Street between Kansas and Quincy. It was reopened after the drill ended.

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