Florida teen’s quick thinking averts possible gas station abduction

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A potential abduction, averted.

A Florida teen’s quick thinking likely saved her from being forced into a van as she pumped gas.

The teen reports it happened just before noon Monday, at the Speedway station in Palm Harbor.

As the teen filled up an SUV, a man approached and started asking personal questions.

The man, in his 30s, wanted to know her age, where she lived and complimented her.

Next, a white van pulled up, and the driver was eyeing the other guy.

The van pulled very close to her driver’s side door, making her believe something bad was about to happen, potentially, an abduction.

Instead, she got quiet, looked for an nearby adult and waited for the men to drive off, which they eventually did.

“I knew automatically like, he’s gonna approach me. He gonna try to get me to do things or he’s gonna try and take me in his van. And I was just like, like, everything was kind of adding up. And I was, like, this is, like, this is not a good zone,” said the teen.

The teen drove to the Publix across the street and called her mom, crying.

There is video of this situation, but Speedway won’t release it without corporate approval.

Corporate hasn’t returned our calls.

The teen’s father is in the process of reporting the incident to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.       

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