Former nursing home employee speaks about scabies


ROSSVILLE (KSNT) – A former employee at the Rossville Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center says a patient with scabies had the infection before he died in December.

“And I know that we had a gentleman that had the scabies before I left and it kept going untreated, untreated, untreated,” said a woman who left the facility before the first of this year.

The employee asked KSNT News not reveal her name.

“The (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) kept calling the facility and saying we’ve had reports that this is a problem and the facility kept saying no we don’t have it. Nobody’s been confirmed,” she said about the calls from the state oversight department.

KSNT News received photos from a person who said they were inside the facility earlier this week and has now contracted the disease.

A document obtained from a staff meeting by a another KSNT News source shows five residents were tested but only three were cleared.

What about the other two?

The KDHE could not tell KSNT News the results.

“I would say that we don’t have the other test results for the other two but I know that we have only one confirmed case,” said Communications Director Sara Belfry.

Belfry said the department advised the nursing home how to clean so help contain the spread of the infestation, but the KDHE can only take their word for it.

“They don’t report to us on how they clean but generally our recommendations are they make sure they vacuum (and) sweep all corners (and) edges,” she said.

The former employee said she thinks the facility will “give it their best effort.”

“But in a community that big, you know, with 79 or however many residents they have now, it’s going to be very tough. It’s going to be very hard to clear,” she said. “I think that if it would have been handled in a timely manner, you know, that it wouldn’t have…it definitely wouldn’t have spread this far.”

KSNT News went to the center to try and speak with an administrator but no one was available. A call placed to the facility was also not returned.

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