TOPEKA (KSNT) – On Monday morning, a hotel in Topeka became the site of the latest showdown between union workers and management at Frito-Lay. The two sides haven’t met since about 500 union members started striking on July 5.

Some workers were optimistic about the meeting on Monday. A group continued to hold signs on the picket line across from the plant Friday afternoon. They said public support has been critical and hope Frito-Lay is taking note.

Stagnant wages and mandatory overtime have been the hot button issues workers want to see addressed.

“I think that’s the most important thing for Frito-Lay and the community, that these negotiations that happen on the 19th go well so I for one I can get back to work,” said Brian Eardley, a striking Frito-Lay employee that has worked there for eight years. “I’ve got to make money for my family too. The mortgage still needs to be paid,” he said.

Frito-Lay released this statement to KSNT News:

“Frito-Lay has agreed to meet with the union Monday, July 19. We are continuing to be attentive to the situation, with our focus on running the Topeka plant operations and ensuring employee safety.”