Frostbite and hypothermia concerns across NE Kansas


As temperatures hit single digits and wind chills falling below zero, experts are warning people about the dangers of hypothermia and frostbite.

KSNT Doctor On Call Dr. Tim Borchers with Cotton O’Neil Family Medicine says people should wear at least three layers when going outside. One layer to whick moisture away, another to insolate and a third to block the wind.

Dr. Borchers says people should limit their time outdoors. He says serious frostbite can occur in less than 30 minutes and it can often take 24 to 48 hours to see the full extent of the damage.

“If after a day or two it’s cold and the skin is hard or rubbery, especially then if your starting to see blisters form after a day or two you need to go seek medical attention for that,” said Dr. Borchers.

Dr. Borchers also warns people to look out for signs of hypothermia. Signs of hypothermia include: intense shivering, altered mental state, confusion and drowsiness. If you experience these you need to seek medical attention.

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