Topeka shoppers are worried that the city’s only mall could be in jeopardy.

According to filings with the Securities Exchange Commission, West Ridge Mall did not make certain reserve payments or deposits as required by the loan agreement.

However, according to a news release in the SEC filings, the group that owns the mall Washington Prime will continue to manage and lease the property, even though lenders will take over the mall in October.

The Greater Topeka Partnership said they’ve reached out to Washington Prime to get a better understanding of what exactly will happen to the mall.

“We have reached out to Washington Prime leadership with a detailed list of questions regarding the future of (the) mall,” said spokesperson Matt Lara. “We are awaiting their response.”

Despite the uncertainty, new things are being added to the area.

A new facility called Topeka ER will be next to West Ridge Mall, giving shoppers hope that the mall will stay open.