Gas stations and convenience stores prepare to sell 6% beers


It’s not an April fools joke! Starting April 1, gas stations and convenience stores will be able to sell drinks that contain 6% alcohol.

Right now, those stores can only sell 3.2% alcoholic drinks.

That’s the idea, try to get a few more people in here to pick up some beer. of course, we have a liquor store right next door so seeing what that will do is what’s interesting, said Petro-Deli employee Sean Lowery.

Lowery says they will be selling the same beers they did before, just with a stronger percent of alcohol.

Even with the stronger options of alcohol people say they will still shop at liquor stores to get their drinks.

I think I will still purchase my beer from liquor stores cause I want to support the small business, said Alexis Campbell.

The big changes you will see starting Monday is that grocery stores and gas stations will be selling these stronger drinks. Liquor stores will stay the same in what they sell.

If you would like more information about the law change, CLICK HERE.

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