Gov. Kelly joins students in fight to change Hwy 75


Governor Laura Kelly is joining the fight for change on a deadly local highway.

It’s an update to a story KSNT News has been following for months. The governor tells us she intends to make Highway 75 safer.

The two-lane highway north of Holton will become a four-lane highway as part of her 10-year plan.

Ed Mandala wants to see a change after two of his friends died in wrecks along Highway 75. It all started with a petition. The initiative is called Safe 75. He then got the chance to talk one-on-one with the Governor on what he wants to see fixed.

“It’s kind of a big thing to move from just going from the committee straight up to the governor, so it was really, hey, this is a chance to finally get it all the way out there for people to see and she can take it to the legislature,” said Mandala.

A KSNT News investigation found there have been over 300 crashes on just this section of the highway in the last five years and the governor is taking note.

“I’ve always been concerned about Highway 75 you know the speed limit is very fast on there you’ve got all sorts of cars coming in from the side,” said Kelly. “These kids lives are at stake.” 

Now Mandala and the governor will work together in Holton to widen the highway all the way north to the Nebraska state line.

“The funding which is going to take, be the, one of the biggest parts of the long and arduous process of making the highway from two to four-lane for such a long stretch,” said Mandala. 

The Governor directed the state highway department to meet Mandala at school Tuesday to talk about improvements. That could include installing lights, adding or extending turning lanes and increasing monitoring of traffic.

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