Gov. Laura Kelly puts pen to paper, signs 16 bills into law this week

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Governor Laura Kelly put pen to paper this week, signing a total of 16 bills.

One of the bills would require Kansas schools to conduct at least four fire drills, two tornado drills, and three crisis drills each school year. 

Another bill would require people to give their drivers license to a law enforcement officer rather than just showing it to them.

The bills signed this week bring the total under Kelly’s time in office so far to 35.

You can see a full list of all of the bills signed this week below.

  • Senate Bill 60

Amends the statutes related to licensing of real estate brokers and the Kansas Real Estate Commission. 

  • Senate Bill 68

Prohibits a city from requiring a wireless services provider or wireless infrastructure provider to enter into a franchise ordinance for the provision of wireless services.

  • Senate Bill 69

Substitute for SB 69 directs the Legislative Coordinating Council to authorize a study of retail rates of Kansas electric public utilities. 

  • Senate Bill 71

Reauthorizes the Postsecondary Technical Education Authority by eliminating the sunset date of June 30, 2019.

  • Senate Bill 77

Requires the Department for Children and Families to offer services to children with sexual behavior problems, along with the child’s family. 

  • Senate Bill 82

Amends provisions of the State Banking Code relating to certificate of existence, voting rights for conversion to a state charter, and the method of delivery for certain notices.

  • Senate Bill 97

Authorizes registration of certain rental vehicles in fleets and issuance of permanent license plates to reflect that registration. 

  • Senate Bill 105

Authorizes a city to determine the start date of a regular term of office for a city officer by resolution of the city.

  • Senate Bill 128

Amends laws related to the minimum number of safety drills required to be conducted in schools each school year. 

  • Senate Bill 199

Establishes the AO-K to Work Program, allowing certain adults to earn high school equivalency credentials by participating in career pathway oriented post-secondary classes.

  • House Bill 2101

Makes several amendments and technical updates to the laws governing credit unions and related credit union procedures and designates Article 22 of Chapter 17, Kansas Statutes Annotated, as the State Credit Union Code. This legislation will become effective on July 1, 2019.

  • House Bill 2125

Requires the holder of a driver’s license who is operating a motor vehicle to promptly deliver, rather than display, the driver’s license upon demand of any officer of a court of competent jurisdiction, any peace officer, or any examiner or officer of the Division of Vehicles, Department of Revenue. 

  • House Bill 2178

Amends the law concerning the duty of an operator to mark the tolerance zone around an underground facility within the Kansas Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act. 

  • House Bill 2188

Makes the City of Atchison responsible for the maintenance and repair of all watershed lakes, dams, and other projects of the White Clay Watershed District No. 26, on and after January 1, 2020.

  • House Bill 2191

Amends the law concerning the execution of search warrants.

  • House Bill 2215

Authorizes the Kansas State Fair Board to establish a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. 

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