Governor Kelly creates commission to fight ‘institutionalized racism’ in Kansas


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Governor Kelly is taking a stand against what she says is systemic racism in the United States.

Following the protests in Kansas over the weekend, the Governor says she has instructed a commission to be created to deal with racial inequality in the state. The commission will work with community leaders to make changes and with law enforcement to ensure officers have proper training.

Governor Kelly says major changes also need to be made to Kansas state laws and sentencing guidelines.

“Look at what ways is the system just set up for inequality. So, we’ve got to take a look at that,” said the Governor.

During her Monday press conference, Governor Kelly said that Kansas elected leaders have failed the people of color in the state, and she wants to change that immediately.

“For too long, we have surpressed or ignored those who are suffering and have asked for our help,” said Kelly. “It’s time for elected leaders in Kansas to acknowledge that we have failed to give this problem the attention that is deserves. It’s time that we listen to those voices in our marginalized communities.”

The Governor said she was happy with the way both Kansas law enforcement and protesters handled themselves during the weekend protests. But she encourages those going out to protest to wear face masks and practice social distancing, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

President Trump held his weekly phone call with U.S. governors. The call was focused on the protests occurring across the country, some that have turned violent. In leaked audio from the call, the President can be heard telling the governors to ‘dominate’.

“If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time, they’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks,” said President Trump.

Governor Kelly said she was on the call with the President.

“He did express some serious concerns that he has about what’s going on all over the country and he expressed those passionately,” said the Governor.

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