Governor Kelly defends budget proposal


A battle is brewing at the Statehouse over Governor Laura Kelly’s proposed budget. The budget was introduced last week, and Republicans immediately took error with a major part of the plan. 

On Saturday the Governor posted a video on Facebook defending her proposal, and explaining the controversial piece of the plan. 

Her budget plan includes more funding for education, Medicaid expansion and transportation. But it rested on a plan to re-finance the states pension system, KPERS.  

Republicans took issue with that idea and said paying less into the pension system now would cause trouble for the state later. But Governor Kelly disagreed. 

“It’s much like refinancing your home mortgage when you need cash for say, large home repairs, or you need to lower your monthly payments,” Kelly said. “Reamatorization is the smart and fiscally prudent thing for Kansas to do right now. If we don’t do this, we will see our required annual payments balloon in the coming years which will be devastating and unworkable.”

Governor Kelly also promised that her budget would not impact retirement benefits for state employees. You can see her full video here

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