Governor Kelly marks 100 days in office


Wednesday marks 100 days since Laura Kelly took over the Governor’s seat. 

Governor Kelly points to passing a $90 million education funding increase as her biggest victory. 

“Well you know, I ran to be the education governor and so it was fulfilling a promise that I made to the people of Kansas that that would be my highest priority,” Kelly said.  

That move earned the admiration of Kansans like Autumn Sleep. 

“The teachers deserve it, the school deserves it, the students deserve it. They need something that’s more than what we’ve got right now,” Sleep said.  

One of her more controversial moments thus far was when she vetoed a Republican-backed tax bill that included a cut to the tax on groceries. People like Jack Skinner said that’s a priority. 

“I’d like to see them do something with eliminating taxes on grocery items, for instance, I know there’s been some talk about it,” Skinner said. 

That was one of Kelly’s campaign promises and despite the veto, she said it’s still on her long-term checklist.

Another item on her list is Medicaid expansion, which she said she’s hopeful will eventually get done. 

“There are things going on. There are conversations being had,” Kelly said, “There are negotiations taking place that are moving us down the road.” 

While Kelly is proud of all that’s happened in her first 100 days, some Kansans like Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel said it’s too early to decide how she’s doing. 

“I’m very happy whenever there’s growth and change, whenever we make an effort to try to bring new ideas, new frontiers for our state,” Tiechtel said, “But it’s very hard for me to give an honest assessment this early.” 

Now Kelly said she’s holding meetings and getting ready for lawmakers to return to the capitol to finish the legislative session. 

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