Governor plans to add more than $90 million to schools


Millions of tax dollars could be funneled into Kansas schools. Lawmakers are considering a plan from Governor Kelly to add $90 million a year to the school budget. 

This comes after the Supreme Court ordered lawmakers to increase school funding. 

On Wednesday a Senate committee met to hear from Kelly’s team about her plan. School district leaders were also there to share their thoughts with the senators.

Patrick Woods is the President of the Kansas Association of School Boards. He said this bill could mean a lot to local schools and Kansas parents.

“Raises for their teachers, more competitive salaries to attract and retain the best teachers they could have in their classroom for their students. More services for students in terms of at risk students, early childhood education, all of the things that we’re supposed to be doing anyway,” Woods said. 

Whether lawmakers come to a bipartisan solution to pass this bill or not, the court demands change of some sort. Attorney General Derek Schmidt has told lawmakers he needs the funding issue solved by May.

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