Courtesy: Office of the Governor

Topeka – Governor Sam Brownback today issued the following statement regarding the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision on the Gannon case:

“The Kansas Supreme Court correctly observes that our education system has failed to provide a suitable education for the lowest performing 25 percent of students. The old funding formula failed our students, particularly those that struggle most. The new funding system must right this wrong.

“The Kansas Constitution empowers the legislative branch with the power of the purse. Respecting the separation of powers between our three co-equal branches of government, the Kansas legislature has already begun the work of writing a new school funding system. The Kansas legislature has the opportunity to engage in transformative educational reform by passing a school funding system that puts students first. Success is not measured in dollars spent, but in higher student performance.

“Over the last six years, my administration brought new opportunities targeting students who struggle to read and struggle to graduate high school on time. These evidence-based programs like Kansas Reading Roadmap and Jobs for America’s Graduates should be spread statewide, making them available to all students in the bottom 25 percent.

“Furthermore, the time has come to equip parents of struggling students with the power they need to determine the best education for their child. If they believe a quality education is not possible in their local public school, they should be given the opportunity and resources to set their child up for success through other educational choices.”