Hard to believe how much warmer it gets in the coming days!


The Polar Express paid us a visit late Tuesday with falling temps, bitter breezes and much drier air going into early Wednesday. Many spots were clear to partly cloudy early with subzero temps and “feels-like” numbers of -10 to -25.

Yesterday was easily our coldest day in quite some time and it put the well-being of people, pets and livestock in jeopardy. The Arctic air mass keeps moving away, so we should see a rapid improvement with numbers climbing dramatically over the next 2-3 days.

Greater Topeka Thursday…
Highs: 35-39
Wind: SE 5-15

Temperatures will moderate to seasonal levels and perhaps go even higher toward and through the upcoming weekend. A trough over the Pacific Northwest should progress over the Rockies Saturday into Sunday to give us more clouds and increasing moisture. Sprinkles could develop Saturday with highs in the 50s. Light rain seems more likely Sunday, especially later in the day, as highs reach the upper 50s to near 60! Having bare ground at this point is why it can get much warmer so quickly, and any remaining snow and ice areas should disappear.

It should turn colder afterward, but not after being in the 45 to 50 degree range Monday. Colder temps could lead to possible ice or snow into early Tuesday of next week. Hopefully that probability decreases so we don’t have that mess to deal with.

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Temps continue to gradually climb so the worst is behind us…
KSNT Meteorologist David George

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