TOPEKA (KSNT) – A small-town hotel and lake house in Kansas are becoming famous for paranormal activity. A ghost hunter and some curious community members visited Saturday in hopes of spotting some spooky activity.

Holton welcomed ghosts hunter Dustin Pari from the Travel Channel’s Show “Ghost Hunters” to revisit the lake house, and to stop by the Hotel Josephine, which is also reportedly haunted.

Pari first visited the lake house with the Travel Channel for an episode that aired in June. This is his first time at the hotel.

“It was a nice opportunity to come back here again to kind of touch base with the people back here. I love the people of Kansas. I love this lake house. It has great activity,” Dustin Pari, Paranormal Investigator said. “So today, we’re doing a lecture and we’re going to have a little investigation of Hotel Josephine.”

In the previous investigation at the lake house, Pari experienced tugging at his pantleg, which he says is normal for the spirit of a child. He believes it’s their way of interacting with this side.

Hotel Josephine has some different, some might even say more extreme, activity than the lake house.

“We’ve seen full body apparitions. There’d be no one in the hotels and we’d hear people walking down the hallways. We’d here people talk,” Tracer Fox, Hotel Josephine and Lakehouse Manager said. “My mom and I have a saying that not a day goes by where we don’t have activity.”

Participants arrived to the lake house early for a lecture about paranormal activity before they got to try out ghost hunting for themselves.

This isn’t Dean Stidham and his friend’s first rodeo. For them, this is a normal weekend getaway.

“It’s just like anything else, like going camping. You make your plans. You go to it for a weekend, and have a lot of fun,” Stidham said. “You do it as a comradery with a bunch of friends and new people that you want to become friends with.”  

Pari and Stidham don’t like to come into paranormal hunts with expectations. They wait to see what appears.