Archery growing in popularity as a way to relieve stress

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FAIRVIEW, Kan. (KSNT) – Finding a way to relieve stress can sometimes be as difficult as hitting a bullseye.

However, many are turning to archery as a way to relieve stress and clear their minds during this difficult and uncertain time.

“99 point whatever percent of it is all psychological. You know how much you can hold it still, how much you think you’re moving when you’re shooting. You can work on those kind of things,” said Casey Votruba, owner of Votruba Archery in Fairview.

Votruba has been a professional archer for almost 30 years and has operated Votruba Archery for more than half of that time.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Votruba has seen more new archers come through his doors for the past 16 years he has owned his business.

Many of the beginners are looking for an outlet for stress relief, and it seems they came to the right place.

Archery can have a positive effect on coping with stress, according to a study by Hasan aykut Aysan at Dicle University in Turkey.

“While you’re shooting it’s not the positive reinforcement that you got a bullseye, it’s the fact that you felt that. Like, at one time everything was about as clear as it possibly could be,” Votruba said.

As a sport that combines strength, exercise and focus, archery can relieve stress and anxiety while also increasing productivity, according to the study.

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