How to prepare your dog for when you go back to the office

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – As more and more people get vaccinated, they’re being called back into the workplace and for some furry friends, that will be an adjustment.

Mike Stevens and his dog Katya regularly go to the dog park. He said he will soon be going back to the office and is nervous about how his dog will react.

“I’m very nervous. She is on my heels constantly, we go everywhere together, even short trips to the grocery store,” Stevens said.

Workers at the Helping Hands Humane Society said they had people adopt dogs during quarantine and want to make sure people don’t just bring those dogs back, just because they are going back to work.

“Before you go back to the office, slowly start acclimating and being gone a little bit longer each day. So each day just be gone 1 or 2 hours, so it’s not such a shock to them when you’re gone all day 7 or 5 days a week,” said Margaret Price with Helping Hands.

She said you can also leave chew treats to keep them occupied and play music to keep them calm. Price said to call them if you are struggling because they offer services to help you and your dog, even if you didn’t adopt from them.

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