Local expert gives ways to take care of your skin during coronavirus pandemic

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – From stress to face mask irritation to chaffed, dry hands after too much sanitizing, a local skincare expert urges you to make sure you’re taking care of your skin.

Trish Williams, the owner of CustomSkin MedSpa in Topeka, said skincare should start from the inside out. 

“Ninety percent of what happens in our skin starts in the gut, so it’s really important to start internally somehow and move out,” Williams said. “So using things to really help heal the gut. Vitamin D is good for building immunity and Vitamin C. Doing that too for your immunity is good. It also helps the body which in turn helps the skin.”

As essential workers use face masks around the clock right now to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it’s important to also be moisturizing.

“If you’re using the right masks and treatments, put it on and go to bed. It’s also great for spot treatments,” Williams said. “If you’re wearing a mask all day, you can put a thin coat on and it’s going to help absorb into the skin. Then put your mask on all day and use it as a barrier.”

If you’re prone to acne breakouts during this high-stress time, Williams said to be simple.

“Don’t try to attack the skin, because if it is coming from stress it is already in a stressed mode. So our job is to calm it and use spot masks or things with hydration that are calming,” she said. “Look for natural products, organic or vegan products. Products that aren’t high chemical or even high enzyme based.”

CustomSkin MedSpa is offering phone consultations and curbside pick up for products. For more information on skincare essentials during the coronavirus pandemic visit, https://www.customskinmedspa.com or call (785) 783-2253.

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