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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansans have begun trying out CBD products after the state legalized them in 2018. The market for pet CBD products is also taking off, touting major health benefits for animals too.

KSNT News put CBD, an extract from hemp plants, to the test to see if the benefits to pets are legitimate.

Animal sales of CBD are growing just as fast as human sales, and expected to claim nearly 20 percent of the overall CBD sales market by 2022, according to New Frontier Data.

“It’s just important,” said Joy Neely, owner of Free State Oils in Topeka. “They are just another big piece of our life, so we have to make sure they are healthy too.”

Neely agrees with the idea that pets can get similar benefits to humans from CBD.

“When clients come in and ask about how to help their pets, it’s typically hip dysplasia, arthritis, sore muscles with larger dogs, I’ve had some who’ve had inflammation in their stomachs,” Neely said. “Anxiety is a huge one, a lot of dogs have separation anxiety.”

The American Veterinary Medical Association says separation anxiety is one of the most common problems for dogs, with up to 40% of dogs diagnosed with it in the country today. As a result, the FDA approved a new generic drug for dogs.

CBD supporters boast their product has a natural treatment for separation anxiety. KSNT teamed up with two dog owners in Topeka and had their pets try CBD oil instead of the FDA’s generic drug over a week.

CBD Pet Trial in Topeka

Oso is a 9-month-old puppy with separation anxiety. Her owner Madelyn Criqui said she has very high emotions.

“She will tear up everything in her general area,” Criqui said. “If she can get to it, it will be torn up.”

After a week of trying CBD, Criqui said sometimes Oso rejected taking it, but it helped when she got Oso to try it.

“When I finally get the chance to get her to take it, she calms down a lot. It kind of helped with her destructiveness,” Criqui said.

Layla is a 7-year-old poodle. Her owner Beth Bullard said she has some anxiety and runs in circles as she walks to the door.

“When it’s time to eat, or she is coming in from going outside, she just runs around in circles,” Bullard said.

Since Layla weighs about 45 pounds, Free State Oils recommended starting with four drops of CBD Oil, which equals two milligrams. But after a few days, Bullard realized Layla needed more.

“Her spinning was less, but we’re up to more drops,” Bullard said. “We’ve tried six drops, but we’ll try eight tomorrow. About 25 minutes after I gave it to her, I walked up, she could see me and she was just standing there looking at me. As I came to the door, she looked out the door and I opened the door. She greeted me and only did a half circle.”

Both dogs saw some results according to their owners, but they found the CBD’s effectiveness and amount of product needed were based on:

  • Age of the dog.
  • Type of product, such as CBD oil, chews or treats.

The owners noted different times that the products kicked in, as well.

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