Local skin and acne coaching helps high school senior

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The American Academy for Dermatology reports 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 will experience at least minor acne at some point.
For teens in high school, having acne can be particularly hard.

America Alconz is a senior at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka and has battled several kinds of acne.

“I had hormonal acne as well as just regular acne. I didn’t really know what was wrong with my skin. I didn’t like it, nobody likes acne. I didn’t want to wear makeup all the time, so it was very frustrating to me,” explained Alconz.

She tried many different products and treatment recommendations, but nothing seemed to permanently clear her skin up, until she visited Cathy Grisham, an acne skin care specialist in Topeka.

Cathy says personal coaching over time, until the skin condition is completely gone has shown a 90% clearing rate in the people she’s worked with.

“It’s not a one size fits all. Other programs out there are either giving medication or they’re giving a product, and sending the person on their way. Our program is a coaching program, where I am spending time with this person from the time they come in until the end. I am taking consideration lifestyle factors: what foods are they eating, what kind of medicine they’re on, what kind of shampoo are they using, what kind of products are they using are they currently using on their face. Just all of these different factors,” explained Grisham.

America said, “When I first came in, she gave me a consultation of figuring out what was wrong with my skin, and then I went on a pretty serious regimen, having to do these exact things and having a routine morning and night consistently.”

Cathy meets with America and contacts her regularly. With so many types of acne and skin conditions, treatment is different for everyone and having a “skin coach” can target your personal problems on a daily basis.

“The first couple of weeks I would have a routine and then I would change up the routine, so that my skin didn’t get used to it and it backfire. After a couple months, I could definitely tell a huge improvement and it’s only continued to get better as I continue doing different things of her regimen,” America explained.

All personalized advice, to get results that keeps your skin clear for good!

You can find more information about skin coaching at Topeka Acne Skin Care by visiting https://topekaacneskincare.com/ or call 913-702-4769.

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