MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Studies show most people in relationships would rather talk about any other topic with their partner than money, according to Megan McCoy, a professor at Kansas State University and couples therapist.

However, not doing so can take a toll on your relationship and overall wellbeing, McCoy said.

“Financial stress is one of the biggest reasons for conflict in a couple,” said McCoy.

It’s important to discuss your financial spending and goals with your partner, as well as tracking that spending and creating those goals together.

“By making an intentional decision that me and my partner are going to get on the same page about our finances, then you’re going to improve your physical, your mental health and your relational health all at the same time,” McCoy said.

It’s important to begin by making sure your purchases make you happy, instead of mindlessly buying items, McCoy said. Additionally, when it comes to you and your partner creating goals, it’s better to break them down so you both can celebrate smaller victories.

Kansas State University recently held a seminar on the topic. To view the entire talk, contact Jessica Harrington at